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Created in April 2020

DCAER’s Helping Paws Medical Relief Fund partners with the Veterinary Care Foundation to offer grants to qualifying Good Samaritans and rescue groups.

Grants may be offered for pets in need of lifesaving care, victims of natural disasters, stray pets without families and local animal rescue organizations that are helping neglected/abused animals.

Denton County Animal Emergency Room is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art veterinary ER

Our sole focus is to help as many animals as possible and never let economic hardship impact emergency veterinary care for all animals — even those without a pet owner.

In order to qualify for a grant, cases must be an emergency and the animal must have a fair to good prognosis without fatal injuries or unrecoverable symptoms.

Our veterinary charity makes sure that ALL funds collected go directly to the patients who need it the most. DCAER will match funds in special circumstances.

We cannot do this alone so please consider donating to those “forgotten” animals in our shelters as well as in Denton County and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about our partner, the Veterinary Care Foundation, please go to their website.

How to Find Us


4145 South Interstate 35 E # 101, Denton, TX 76210



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